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Grade Forgiveness

The following rules apply when considering repeating a course:

  • You can repeat courses for which you earned a C- or lower, WU or IC grade.
  • You can use Grade Forgiveness to repeat and replace the grade in your GPA up to a maximum of 16 units at CSUF.
  • Any course taken at CSUF must be repeated at CSUF to be eligible for Grade Forgiveness.
  • New repeat policy implemented in fall 2009:
    • Grade Forgiveness can be used no more than twice for the same class
    • Students cannot repeat the same course more than two times
    • These rules do not apply to courses designated in the University catalog as "may be repeated for credit"
  • Repeats are not automatically applied. Students should file an Adjustment Inquiry form at Admissions & Records during finals week or after of the semester you are repeating the class. This form is available in the Admissions & Records Service Center (LH-114). Failure to file the Adjustment Inquiry form will delay application of the Grade Forgiveness policy and the GPA from being recalculated accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question About Grade Forgiveness

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- Must I repeat a class the next semester or with the same instructor to apply the Grade Forgiveness?

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- When will an "I" be converted to an IC?

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