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Select Your Freshman "Pathway to Success"

Pathway to Success offers a unique opportunity for you as a first-time freshman, to construct a more intentional focus in the selection of your first-year courses.You will have the opportunity to complete 9-15 units of thematic coursework throughout your first two semesters.You will benefit from the thematic content of your preferred Pathway and improve your marketability in the workforce. Other opportunities include:

  1. Developing a direct path for graduation

  2. Avoiding unnecessary coursework

  3. Working closely with dedicated faculty

  4. Experiencing learning beyond the four walls of the classroom by participating in co-curricular events

  5. Optimizing your semester schedule with saved seats for YOU in all your Pathway courses


Global Studies



The Global Studies pathway will provide you with the opportunity to examine how globalization in the past has shaped the world in which we live today, and how you contribute, to and are affected by, the process.

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The Sustainability pathway will provide you with the opportunity to explore how social, economic, and environmental issues have interacted to result in the global conditions that you see today and challenges that you will confront in the future.

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Food, Health and Well-being


Power and Politics

The Food, Health, and Well-Being pathway will provide you with the opportunity to study significance of the physical, economic, environmental, and institutional factors that lead to health and well-being.

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The Power and Politics pathway will provide you with the opportunity to learn the significance of the cultural, intellectual, ethical, economic, religious, political, and educational struggles that have shaped societies over time.

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