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Academic Advisement Team

Dr. Bridget Driscoll Dr. Bridget Driscoll
Josh Loudon Josh Loudon M.A
Interim Assistant Director
Carloyn Sidejas Carolyn Sidejas
Administrative Support Coordinator
Lyn Richie-Walker Lyn Richie-Walker
Academic Advisor
(657) 278 - 7645
Salada Vann Salada Vann
Student Assistant - In Progress
Samantha Kurus Samantha Kurus
Student Assistant
Laurel Replogle Laurel Replogle
Academic Advisor
Graham Seigler Graham Seigler
Student Assistant
Randy Montes Randy Montes
Advisor Trainer
Jennifer Finsen Jennifer Finsen
Student Assistant
Mary Ortiz Mary Ortiz
Administrative Support Assistant
Jigar Gada Jigar Gada
Student Assistant - In Progress
Cathy Rivas Catherine Rivas
Academic Advisor
Jenna Ly Jenna Ly
Academic Advisor
Shannah Johnson Shannah Johnson
Academic Advisor
Charles Sinde Charles Sinde
Student Assistant
Chandni Desai Chandni Desai
Graduate Student Assistant

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