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Leadership - Administration

Cal State Fullerton is led by an experienced leadership team, representing such areas as the Office of the President, executive vice president, academic affairs, administration, student affairs, advancement, and information technology.

  • The President exercises oversight over the campus and long-range planning, members of his Presidential Advisory Board assist him.
  • Academic Affairs addresses issues related to faculty, faculty development, recruitment and retention, grants and contracts and research centers.
  • Student Affairs deals with issues related directly to student life, including athletics, student housing, student activities and resources, student organizations, academic programs and admissions.
  • Administration/Finance attends to the operations of the university such as finance, facilities management, human resources, public safety and the foundation.
  • Information Technology’s overall aim is to maintain and enhance the speed, quality, reliability, and security of campus-wide information for students, faculty and staff.
  • University Advancement develops and fosters strong relationships with alumni, the community, businesses, foundations, emeriti, faculty and staff to promote a positive image of and to generate financial support for the university.

Office of the President
Mildred García

Academic Affairs
José Cruz
Provost and
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Student Affairs
Berenecea Y. Johnson Eanes
Vice President

Administration and Finance
Stephen Garcia
Vice President - Interim

University Advancement
Gregory J. Saks
Vice President

Information Technology
Amir Dabirian
Vice President and
Chief Information Technology Officer


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