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Cornerstone Report

The following represents the principles and sections of The Cornerstone Report that have the most relevance for Cal State Fullerton Student Affairs. These principles will be major points of focus as we develop plans and implement programs and services in 1998-99.

Principle 2:

Students are the focus of the academic enterprise. Each campus will shape the provision of its academic programs and support services to meet better the diverse needs of its students and society.

Section 2a
The regular surveying of student educational needs, aspirations, and priorities, and the assessment of the extent to which we are meeting them.

Section 2e
The development of adequate student services – and all other elements of the academic infrastructure, including increased staffing – to support students with non-traditional schedules, giving particular attention to the needs of older and working adults.

Principle 3:

Students will be expected to be active partners with faculty in the learning process, and the university will provide opportunities for active learning throughout the curriculum.

Section 3a
The requirement that each student work with faculty and staff in planning their academic careers to include taking a more active role in their own learning, including self-paced and self-directed study.

Section 3b
The commitment to facilitate practices of active learning (such as collaborative learning, problem solving, and the use of interactive technology), and to develop systemwide and campus arrangements needed for students to engage in a community service-learning experience before graduation.

Section 3d
A commitment to facilitate greater student involvement in academic program development ant assessment.

Principle 5:

The California State University will meet the need for undergraduate education in California through increasing outreach efforts and transfer, retention, and graduation rates, and providing students a variety of pathways that may reduce the time needed to complete degrees.

Section 5a
A continuation of the current Trustee policy to strengthen the connection between the CSU and K-12, joined to a renewed commitment to strengthen significantly our collaborative relationship with the California Community Colleges.

Section 5b
A commitment to review the current pathways to the degree (s), with a special focus on developing more joint and shared degree programs, reviewing the preparation of students for the teaching credential, and eliminating unnecessary obstacles to the timely completion of degrees.

Section 5c
A commitment to continue and expand programs to reach traditionally underrepresented communities through increased efforts at outreach and retention.

Section 5e
While acknowledging that the "price" of attendance may well go up, a continued commitment to manage costs, and to maintain low student fees by any national standard, with sufficient financial aid to ensure that access for needy students is maintained. Spring semester 1998