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 California State University, Fullerton

Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR)

November 23, 2013
Whittier College

     SCCUR specializes in the work of undergraduate students across all disciplines and serves as a friendly venue to present scholarly and/or creative activity (either in poster sessions or 15-minute oral presentations), interact with peers in a scholarly setting and hone presentation skills.

 The 2013 student presenters were:

Eric Adams, Hoang Pham, kinesiology
    Acute Responses of Testosterone to Submaximal Resistance Exercise in Children vs. Adults
Rebecca Adek, chemistry and biochemistry
    A Natural Product Inhibitor of the West Nile Virus NS2B-NS3 Protease
Neha Ansari, Brittany Grassbaugh, Aneta Jelowicki, chemistry and biochemistry
    Use of the Carbonyl group as a Nucleophile in Photosensitized Electron Transfer Reactions of Oxime Ethers
Michael Ayad, Chris Sims, civil and environmental engineering
    The Effect of Rainfall on Soil Metric Suction
Adrian Avila-Alvarez, Fabian Magana-Sandoval, Erik Muniz, Daniel Vander-Hyde, physics
    Scattered Light Measurements for Advanced LIGO’s Output Mode-Cleaner Mirrors
Austria Cho, Kyle Davis, kinesiology
    Effect of Elastic Bands vs. Free Weights on Deadlift Interpeak Time Between Ground Reaction Force, Power and Velocity
Jeremy Cordova, Robert Leeper, geological sciences
    A Potential Paleotsunami Shell-Hash layer from the Los Penasquitos Marsh, San Diego County, California
Ohara Creager, Robert Leeper, geological sciences
    Paleotsunami Research at the Seal Beach Wetlands, Seal Beach, California
Susan Deeb, mathematics
    Distortions of Toeplitz Matrices
James Doyle, art
    Identifying Specific Appropriations in Moreau’s Salome for New Meaning
Tim Dunagan, chemistry and biochemistry
    Optimization of a Small Molecule Inhibitor for the Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Protease
Ivan Espinosa, mathematics
    Optimizing the Graphics Pipeline for High-Performance Zero-Touch
Nicole Gonzalez-Bishop, Huma Ahmed, health science
    Obesity Prevention and Reduction among Latino Women in a Community Clinic
Jomar Gonzalo, Jeff Lopez, civil and environmental engineering
    Phytoremediation of 1,4-Dioxane with Raphanus sativus (radish)
Joshua Guerrero-Martinez, civil and environmental engineering
    Shear Strength and Compaction Tests of Clays Mixed with Recycled Shredded Tire
Jarret Hamud, civil and environmental engineering
    Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity in High Performance Concrete
RoQue Harmon, Kyle Davis, kinesiology
    Acute Effects of Elastic Bands on Power Characteristics During the Deadlift
Kalynn Haynes, child and adolescent studies
    16 to 18 month olds Ability to Discern Fantasy and Reality
Rachel Heymans, biological science
    The effect of Mn on the expression of the manganese oxidizing protein in Erythrobacter sp. SD21
Jonathan Hightower
    Google Earth Boat Position Tracker
Julie Hofstra, civil and environmental engineering
    Examining Reaction Pathways of Succinic Acid Photooxidation to Improve Climate Models
Kyung (Esther) Hwang, Christian Astorga, Kalynn Haynes, child and adolescent studies
    Young Children’s Ability to Learn from Fictional Characters in Storybooks
Aneta Jelowicki, Brittany Grassbaugh, Neha Ansari, chemistry and biochemistry
    Heterocycle Synthesis via One-EDlectron Oxidation of Nucleophile-Containing Oxime Derivatives
Alexa Johnson, kinesiology
    Effect of Unilateral Knee Bracing on Kinematics and Kinetics of Lower Extremities during a Drop Landing
Brittany Kato, kinesiology
    "Rooting me on”: Exploring the Social Influences of Patients Recovering from Total Knee Arthroplasties
Eric Kessler, Sean Lema, biological science
    The impact of 4-nonylphenol on reproduction of arrow gobies (Clevelandia ios) in Morro Bay, CA
Garrett Kinum, computer engineering
    Vocal Feature Extraction in Environments with Extraneous Sounds
Michael Ko, Wan Shin Kim, chemistry and biochemistry
    Mechanistic studies of iminoxyl radicals and radical cations – intramolecular cyclinization reactions with alkene derivatives
Sofia Laguna, sociology
    Revealing Gender Occupational Segregation in Romance Films
Leonila Lagunes, mathematics
    Cancer Screening Using Biomimetic Pattern Recognition with Hyper-Dimensional Planes
Jeff Lopez, Jomar Gonzalo, civil and environmental engineering
    Phytoremediation of 1,4-Dioxane with Sweet Basi
Christine Lam, chemistry and biochemistry
    Copper Components and Ferroxidase of Blood Plasma of Dogs, a species prone to Liver Toxicosis
Geovani Luna, civil and environmental engineering
    Variation of Compressive Strength of High Performance Strength Concrete (HPC)
Janae Melendez, Xiao Chen, Kenneth Kang, Martha Harper, Joshua Hwang, chemistry and biochemistry
    Analysis of the effects of ionic manganese on Caenorhabditis elegans
Samantha Moya, biological science
    Comparison between chorion proteins of Latrodectus hesperus and Latrodectus geometricus
Jaime Munoz-Velazquez, Maria Arredondo, Lourdes Delgado-Reyes, Teresa Satterfield
    An fNIRS Study: Benefits of Bilingual Attention on Literacy Acquistion
Christopher Muraki, Audrey Rodriguez, Jacquelyn Moffitt, child and adolescent studies
    Predictors of Delay of Gratification in Children with FASD
Danny Orton, Tsutomu Okano
    An Invariant for Singular Links
Jennifer Palisoc, Kyung Hwang, child and adolescent studies
    The Influence of Emotions on Parent-Child Narratives
Soeun Park, Susan Deeb, Nathan Robertson, Reina Galvez, mathematics
    Comparative Analysis of Clustering Techniques with an Application to K6-11 Mathematics Achievement Data
Lorraine Parra, Alexis Hemmingway, Alejandra Medrana, child and adolescent studies
    From Bronfenbrenner to Miley Cyrus: E-Tutors Aiding Undergraduate Students’ Understanding on Child Development Theories
Nathan Robertson, Soeun Park, Susan Deeb, Reina Galvez, mathematics
    Model-Based Clustering of Mathematics Achievement Data in Grades 6-11
Larissa Sherwood, sociology
    Drug Documentaries and Series Aired on American Television: The Issues of Misrepresentation and Moral Panic
Jennifer Spencer, biological science
    Investigating defense responses of Nicotiana benthiana involving the 14-3-3 gene Family using virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS)
Kevin Stidham,
    Art, Money, and Marriage: The Need for a Closer Examination
John Thurlo, Yonathan Sahle, Joseph Cardillo, Alexander Duong, civil and environmental engineering
    Soil Modification Uilizing Cement
John Tice, English, comparative literature and linguistics
    De-queering (and Re-queering) Dorian
Jessica Truckey, history
    “Justice for Berem! Justice for Ikrit!”: Negotiating Identity through Nonviolent Action
Julianne Truong, chemistry and biochemistry
    Discovery of small molecule inhibitors for the West Nile Virus NS2B-NS3 protease
Daniel Vander-Hyde, Irene; Fiori, Bas Swinkles, Florent Robinet, physics
    Characterization of Magnetic Glitches in VSR4 data using correlations between Omicron triggers
Erika Vargas, Yamelith Aguilar, health science
    The Richman Elementary School Garden Program: A Collaborative Effort to Prevent Long-Term Obesity Rates in a Local Community
Rebecca Vargas, Ramin Farhard, chemistry and biochemistry
    Evidence of the Presence of an Additional Copper Uptake Transporter in the Plasma Membrane of the Mammalian Cells
Keane Vu, biological science
    Students’ Conceptions in Determining Evolutionary Relationships of Animals
Aspen Yoo, Elise Fenn, psychology
    Stereotype Threat and Deception: Testing Contexts that May Reduce the Effectiveness of an Imposed- Cognitive- Load Approach
Dan Zhu, accounting
    Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure of Realized or Realizable Executive Compensation