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 California State University, Fullerton



As we mentioned in our first general meeting, officer positions are opening up for the '13-'14 school year and applications are due soon!  If you're looking to be leader on campus and to make an impact on the Latino community, this is for you!  Attached to this email are position descriptions of all the officer positions available.  Also attached is the Officer Application.  To apply, you will need the following:

1)  Turn in Officer Application (UH-223)

2)  Presentation on why you want to be an officer (we will contact you to schedule a time to meet)


 Positions available (Application Deadline):

1)  President (March 1)

2)  Vice President (March 1)

3)  Treasurer (March 1)

4)  Administrative Officer (March 15)

5)  External Outreach Officer (March 15)

6)  Program Coordinator (March 15)

7)  Publicity Officer (March 15)

8)  ICC Representative (2) (March 15)


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Hope everyone is having a great semester.  Thank you!

Kenneth Kang: