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 California State University, Fullerton

Health Professions Advising Office Scholarships

Miles D. McCarthy Health Professions Award

Description: The award is named for the late founding faculty member who was the architect of the university's acclaimed Health Professions program. It's presented annually to the outstanding health professions student who demonstrates high academic achievement, integrity and a commitment to serve humanity.

Award Recipients:

  • 1982 Michael J. Mulligan
  • 1983 Jerome W. Lew
  • 1984 Thomas J. Waltman
  • 1985 John W. Lindberg
  • 1986 Anna R. Olguin & Ellen M. Slaven
  • 1987 Carl F. Gottschling
  • 1988 Ken K. Mayemura & Karen L. Sinitzin
  • 1989 Ruth Tang
  • 1990 Julie Gabbe & G. Daniel Hsieh
  • 1991 Damien Macaluso
  • 1992 Kimberly Miller
  • 1993 Angela Shoho
  • 1994 Wendy Katzenstein & Lynn Palacol
  • 1995 Jonathan P. Anderson
  • 1996 Francine E. Garrett
  • 1997 Mychelle T. Nguyen
  • 1998 Faith M. (Nikki) Pinkerton
  • 1999 Jay H. Curkedall & Michelle E. Kim
  • 2000 Michael Chang
  • 2001 Ali Lotfizadeh
  • 2002 Christine M. Schnaible & Jennifer K. Kawase
  • 2003 Sommer Kaskowitz
  • 2004 Heidi Meyer & Lynell Newmarch
  • 2005 Rueben Paul & Amy Svicarovich
  • 2006 Julia Tran
  • 2007 Rachelle Tibbetts
  • 2008 Evan Kania
  • 2009 Thomas Joseph (TJ) Buretta
  • 2010 Annie Nguyen
  • 2011 Dickie Nguyen & Lauren Park – Post Bacc
  • 2012 Nathan Bales & Christopher Brophy – Post Bacc
  • 2013 Ernesto Castillas 
  • 2014 Emanuel Gluckman & Jonathan Shapiro - Post Bacc
  • 2015 Veronia Scott and Matthew Schroeder - Post Bacc

Veronica Scott PhotoPrior to attending CSUF, Veronica graduated from UCR with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. She attended CSUF for the Pre-Health Professions Certificate program. She has spent the last 3 years working as an emergency medical scribe in 3 local community hospitals. After a year of scribing experience she was promoted to Lead Scribe at one hospital site and a year after that to Chief Scribe overseeing two hospital sites. In addition to scribing she has worked with special needs children as a behavior and education interventionist, and over the summer she volunteered at a local animal shelter, Animal Friends of the Valleys. Veronica has been accepted to Tufts, Texas A & M, and UCR schools of medicine. 

Matthew Shroeder Photo

Matthew Schroeder graduated in January 2014 from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science and a concentration in Cell and Developmental Biology. Matthew was a Dean’s List Scholar, graduated Cum Laude, and won the 2013 Howell-CSUPERB Award for research on Women’s Health. During his time at CSUF, Matthew was a supplemental instruction leader in cell biology and a volunteer for the Flying Samaritans and the Illumination Foundation. In 2012 he was admitted into the Bridges to Stem Cell Research program where he did research using stem cell transplantation as a method to improve tissue regeneration at Stanford University. After graduation, he continued his research at Stanford, investigating the therapeutic potential of biological molecules in tissue regeneration. Matthew will attend medical school in the Fall of 2015.


Kenneth L. Goodhue-McWilliams Award

For Outstanding Community Service in the Health Professions

Description: This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the community, Study Health Professions Association membership involvements, as well as volunteer work in a health profession setting. Nomination for this award is open to all members of the Student Health Professions Association.

Award Recipients: 

  • 1986 Michael S. Ritter
  • 1987 Diana Del Carlo
  • 1989 Richard M. Garden & Travis A. Dugan
  • 1990 David A. Guerrero
  • 1991 Moslem Adkhondi & Barry Love & Michelle Schaefer
  • 1992 Aimee Lopes
  • 1993 Cyndi A. Speelman
  • 1994 Victor Gomez & Marjan Naraghi-Arani
  • 1995 Michael MacMurray & Charla Morgan
  • 1996 Colleen J. Buono
  • 1997 Kim C. Walters
  • 1998 Rajeshwary (Raji) Swamidurai
  • 1999 Alissa Pepin
  • 2000 Benjamin J. Kavoossi
  • 2001 Tom Grotsky
  • 2002 Mohammad Hanizavareh
  • 2003 Heidi Meyer
  • 2004 Algele Cid Sumulong
  • 2005 Julia Tran
  • 2006 Thomas Joseph (TJ) Buretta
  • 2007 Kaylene Carr
  • 2008 Laura Pasternack
  • 2009 Jose Soza
  • 2010 Ghazal Bahri
  • 2011 Jacqulyne Sylvia
  • 2012 Sonia Kumar
  • 2013 Simona Bor
  • 2014 Paul Nguyen
  • 2015 David Eng

David Eng PhotoDavid Eng will graduate summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in biology with a concentration in molecular biology and biotechnology.  He volunteered and shadowed in a gastroenterology lab at Kaiser Permanente and went on medical mission trips to Honduras and Mexico with IMA and BMDMI the past 3 summers.  He conducts molecular biology research with Dr. Esther Chen and serves as a tutor in the NSM Opportunity Center, a member of the NSM Inter-club Council, and Allopathic Chair for Student Health Professions Association.  He was a 2013-2014 CSUF Alumni Association scholar and was a recipient of the Robert and Shirley Belloli Award for Service and Academic Accomplishment in Health Profession . This fall, David will attend Loma Linda School of Medicine and he desires to become a surgeon or gastroenterologist and serve on medical missions around the world.


The Robert and Shirley Belloli Award

For Service and Academic Accomplishment in Health Professions

Description: This award recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement and noteworthy community or clinical commitment service among pre-health professions California State University, Fullerton undergraduate students.

  • 2014 David Eng