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 California State University, Fullerton

Edward Lin

 6About Me:

As a non-traditional applicant, my life is filled with a variety of different experiences.   I am a first-generation immigrant, and was raised and born in Taiwan.  I lived there until the age of 16, when I moved to the United States with my siblings.  I received my bachelor’s degree in business and political science from UC-Riverside, and worked in the private sector for two years.  Before I decided to pursue medicine, I was a long time participant in community services.  My passion to serve was eventually recognized when I received the “Outstanding Youth Leadership Award” from the City of Monterey Park and California State Senate.  This experience resulted in my determination to further serve my community. 

During the year of 2008, I entered University of Southern California to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management, with the concentration in health policy.   Being a student leader in my program, I was frequently asked to join professors, government officials and physicians to educate local residents about how the American Healthcare Reform would impact healthcare to individuals. While I did well in presenting policy matters, I was often approached by audiences seeking specific medical questions at the end of the presentation.  Wanting to help, I felt motivated to explore medical science through personal research.  As I got more deeply involved with medical knowledge, I felt moved and inspired.  Instead of addressing one’s medical need indirectly through public policy, I want a profession where I can resolve such need directly.  I am determined to become a physician.

After graduating from my Master’s program in 2009, I spent the following years attending CSU-Fullerton’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program.  My experience here at CSU-Fullerton was wonderful.  The rigorous program not only provided me with a pathway to the field of medicine, it also prepared me with the necessary knowledge and experiences for future medical trainings.   Thanks to Dr. Christina Goode, Health Advising Office staffs, and my cohort classmates, I was able to get all the support that I needed; I was never alone on my journey.  As of 2013 spring semester, I am teaching chemistry lab at CSU-Fullerton, and will be starting my osteopathic medical education in summer.

Why Osteopathic Medicine?

I decided to pursue osteopathic medicine because I am enthralled with osteopathic doctors’ patient-centered, holistic approach of treating diseases.  Through my life encounters, I have developed great sensitivity to individuals, and have acknowledged that each person is truly unique.  I feel that an effective medical treatment is not only based on evaluation of patient’s physical condition, but also psychological and spiritual well being.  I look forward to becoming a well-rounded physician that can serve patient’s needs.

Clinical Experiences:

I attended and completed the Clinical Care Extender internship program.  In my fifteen-months of experiences, as an intern, at Riverside Community Hospital, I participated in four different departments: general nursing floor, surgical nursing floor, emergency department, and intensive care unit.  I also shadowed two osteopathic physicians and one allopathic physician. 

Application Process:

I took my MCAT on 5/12/2012, and submitted my primary application on 7/11/2012.  My profile was verified on 8/14/2012.  After working on supplemental applications for a month and half, I received my first interview invitation on 9/24/2012, in which the interview was scheduled for 11/1/2012.  And finally, my first acceptance came on 11/7/2012.


  • Utilize all the resources from CSUF Health Advising Office.  Dr. Goode is truly an expert in health professional application process; she can help you to make strategic right decisions.
  • Apply early, apply early, and apply early.  Medical schools are all rolling basis; first come first serve.
  • Time management is the key in succeeding classes, don’t let workloads stack up.
  • If you can, take a light semester to study for MCAT.  It is very intense.  Minimize distractions while preparing.
  • Trust yourself, have faith, do not give up, and continue to fight on.  Step by step, eventually, you will reach your goal.  All the hard work will pay off!