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 California State University, Fullerton

Rachelle Tibbetts

sdfghAbout Me:

I graduated from CSUF in 2007. I was origianlly a Child and Adolescent Development major with a Psychology minor. It wasn't until my junior year that, through various experiences, I realized that medicine was the field I wanted to go into. At that point I put off my graduation and started on the pre-med course, so in a sense I was a bit of a nontraditional student. Over the three years that followed, I double majored in Biology, explored my interests in both the clinical and research setting, became President of SHPA my final year, and received the Miles D. McCarthy Health Professions Award. I applied widely to medical school and was extremely fortunate to have choices. I am currently a second year student at UCSF School of Medicine (Class of 2011) and am so incredibly thankful for all the guidance and support I received along my journey from the Health Professions Advising Office at CSUF! Right now I am interested in pursuing Pediatric Oncology. You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions you may have about UCSF or about applying to medical school! My one piece of advice: Don't discount yourself or the school you come from. Many of my classmates are from state schools and other small schools, which just goes to show it's what you do that defines you. Work hard, make sure medicine is for you before applying, and involve yourself in things that truely interest you and you'll succeed! Good luck to you all!