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 California State University, Fullerton

Thomas Bostwick

sdgAbout Me:

I graduated from Sylmar High School in 1977. I attended CSU Northridge but was bored and dropped out to join the US Navy in 1978. While in the Navy I became a corpsman, one of those guys you see in the movies the troops call "doc". I got out of the Navy in 1982 and decided to go back to college and become an emergency physician after working mostly trauma in the military. I thought I had to go to a UC school so I applied to UC Irvine. I learned of the "cut throat" pre-med attitudes of the students while working in UC Irvine's Trauma Center as a Senior Trauma Technician. It was there I met a CSU Fullerton student and he told me about a Dr. Miles D. McCarthy. I was told how Dr. McCarthy knew the admissions boards of most medical schools and how high the acceptance rate was for his students. I made an appointment with him and everything you have heard about him falls short of his true wonderful nature. I immediately withdrew from UC Irvine and applied to CSUF. I started off as a Biology major but after the best Chemistry professor, Dr. Andrew Montana I quickly switched majors. I felt as an older student if I did not make it into medical school I would teach in Chemistry. The entire Chemistry department was wonderful and there was this new lab teacher named Christina Goode who kept us on our toes. Pictures to come soon. I graduated from CSUF in 1987. My first time applying to medical school I did not get in. After much discussion with Dr. McCarthy and many of my chemistry professors I re-applied the following year in the "early decision program" and was accepted to New York Medical College. My wife at that time was pregnant with our first daughter and having complications I transferred to USC after my first year and graduated in 1993. I did my residency at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix and joined the US Public Health Service in 1994. I am retiring this year after 20 years of combined military service and returning to Phoenix to continue working as an Emergency Physician. I still love medicine and teach it when ever possible. I "teach" emergency medicine at my former residency program at least twice a month and every three months go to Petaluma, CA to teach US Coast Guard corpsmen. I also teach my corpsmen staff at my current base in San Pedro, CA and have had several go on to PA school. I have referred many students to CSUF over the years as it is the best decision I made in regards to my career in medicine. Feel free to contact me anytime for help/advise/support in your medical careers.

My wife and I have a spare bedroom (available most of the time except when we have family visit) that we would be happy to make available to students in need that are interviewing in the Phoenix area. As long as Dr. Goode recommends you.