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 California State University, Fullerton

Scott Buzin

About me:

Scott Buzin
I would like to thank Dr. Goode, Julie Stern, Dr. Walker, and the rest of the health professions office staff.

My non-traditional path toward medical school has taken many turns, all of which I am thankful for and would never change.  I originally planned to go to physical therapy school, so my undergraduate experiences were geared in that direction.  I worked at a few different physical therapy clinics while completing thousands of clinical hours in the athletic training room at Cal State Long Beach.  I received my B.S. in Kinesiology: Athletic Training in 2007, and shortly after passed my comprehensive exam to become a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Following graduation, I made a decision to move to New Zealand.  I wanted the opportunity to immerse myself in a culture I was not familiar with.  I was lucky enough to find a job within the tourism industry, which allowed me to travel the entire country and meet lifelong friends.  I returned home to California after about a year, and set my sights on a career in medicine in order to expand upon my previous experience as an allied health care professional.

Contacting the health professions office at CSUF regarding the post-baccalaureate program was one of the best choices I made.  I was immediately set up with a plan to achieve my goal of becoming a physician.  Throughout my tenure at CSUF I was involved with many different extra curricular activities.  I volunteered as a clinical care extender at St. Mary Medical Center and also participated on their leadership team.  In addition, I was involved with methanopterin biosynthesis research under the direction of Dr. Rasche who is an amazing mentor for anyone interested in getting a great research experience.  Furthermore, I had leadership roles in both AMSA and SHPA and occasionally took trips to Mexico with Flying Samaritans.  One of my favorite experiences was working with the Special Olympics.  I was fortunate to volunteer at local events as well as coach many athletes.

The application process is daunting and at times may seem never-ending.  Although it may be stressful, think of it as minor stepping stone on your path toward your future career.  As most people have probably told you by now, apply early as it will give you the best chance of admission.

Gaining entry into medical school requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but by no means is it impossible or even improbable.  The key is to set your goals high, do everything you can, and never give up.  Everyone will stumble at some point, whether it’s bad grades, poor MCAT scores or failure to gain experience.  The important thing is that you are willing pick yourself up, work hard, and keep pushing forward.  Everything will work out in the end