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 California State University, Fullerton

Dickie Nguyen

Dickie Nguyen

About me:

I was never a great student in high school. I was an average student, living an average life, with average grades. It wasn’t until I attended Cal State Fullerton when my life drastically took a change. I entered CSUF with an undeclared major and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. After taking my first biology course however, I was hooked with the science and quickly declared it as my major. Shortly afterwards, I found myself deeply interested in the health professions field.

The Student Heath Professions Association and the Health Professions Advising center has gave me direction to the career I wanted to pursue in. After seeing all the different types of speakers SHPA had provided, I became extremely interested in pharmacy. The interactions with drugs and the human body captivated me and I find it amazing to learn that a simple pill, syrup, or cough drop is powerful enough to heal an individual. After volunteering at a local pharmacy and becoming a certified pharmacy technician, I was sure that pharmacy was the right profession for me. 

My advice to current students is to be sure of the profession you are interested in. Do what you truly want to do and always ask yourself how much you want it. There will always be times where things will get difficult and you will feel like you will fail. But if you do, and this is what you really want, try again. Don’t be afraid to get involved or ask for help when you need it. Trust me, there are many faculty members and other students here at CSUF that are willing to help you! Have positive people around you and study with friends that have similar goals as you. Work hard, but also make some time to hang out with your love ones. When it comes to applying, remember to apply extremely early! This is seriously the best advice during the application process! Keep your grades up but remember, grades isn’t everything. Professional schools want well-rounded individuals who have a deep passion to the career they are interested in. 

Getting into a professional school is a journey and to complete it, you will need all the support you can get from friends and family. Remember to dream big, love life, and live like everyday is your birthday!! DON’T LET ANYONE SAY YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Have hope and believe— because you can seriously accomplish anything.

Dickie D. Nguyen, CPhT