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Graduate Studies - Graduate Programs

California State University, Fullerton

Graduate Programs
"-Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use
to change the world"
Nelson Mandela
List of Programs Offered at CSUF

The following list displays the graduate study program offered as well as the degree type, department home page, and adviser. For catalog descriptions of programs, please click here.

          Program Degree Dept.Ext.*
Accountancy M.S. 278-3173 Dr. Fatima Alali
contact: Diane Mazzey
American Studies M.A. 278-2441 Dr. Adam Golub
Anthropology M.A. 278-5697 Dr. Barbra Erickson
Art M.A., M.F.A 278-3471 Prof. Christina Smith
contact: Laura Garcia
Biology M.S. 278-3614 Dr. Paul Stapp
contact: Karen Lau
Biotechnology M.Bt. 278-3614 contact: Karen Lau
Business Administration M.B.A. 278-3173 Dr. Melissa Lopez
contact: Diane Mazzey
Chemistry M.S., M.A. 278-3621 Dr. Zhuangjie Li
Civil Engineering M.S. 278-3968 Dr. Binod Tiwari
Communications M.A. 278-3518 Dr. Andi Stein
contact: Lauren Ho
Communication Studies M.A. 278-3617 Dr. Gary Ruud
Communicative Disorders M.A. 278-3617 Dr. Ying-Chiao Tsao
Computer Engineering  M.S. 278-2640 Dr. Kiran George
Computer Science M.S. 278-3700 Dr. Mariko Molodowitch
contact: Sandra Boulanger
Counseling M.S. 278-3042 Dr. David Shepard
contact: Ginamarie Scherzi
 Multiple Subject Credential   278-4736
Heather Terry
Jacque Russell
 Single Subject Credential   278-3205 Dr. Kristen Shand
 Special Education Credential   278-3205 Supervisor Lori Sadler
Economics M.A. 278-3756 Dr. Sherif Khalifa
 Bilingual-Bicultural Education [Spanish-English] M.S. 278-4731 Dr. Kim Norman
contact: Heather Terry
 Education (TESOL) M.S. 278-3534 Dr. Juan Carlos Gallego
 Education Administration M.S. 278-4023 Dr. Estela Zarate
 Education Technology (Online) M.S. 278-4731 Dr. Kim Norman
contact: Heather Terry
 Educational Leadership, Community College Ed.D. 278-4023 Dr. Dawn Person  contact: Dr. John Hoffman
 Educational Leadership, PreK-12 Ed.D. 278-4023 Dr. Natalie Tran
contact: Dr. John Hoffman
 Elementary Curriculum and Instruction (Online) M.S. 278-4731 Dr. Kim Norman
contact: Heather Terry
 Higher Education M.S. 278-4022 Dr. Dawn Person
contact: Pam Bellomy
Literacy & Reading (Online) M.S. 278-3497 Dr. Rosario Ordonez-Jasis
contact: Shannon Wilson
 Secondary Education (Online) M.S. 278-7769 Dr. Chris Street
 Special Education M.S. 278-4106 Dr. Adrian Woo Jung
Electrical Engineering M.S. 278-3013 Dr. Prasado Rao
English M.A. 278-3163 Dr. Chris Westgate
Environmental Engineering (Online) M.S. 278-3012 Dr. Jeff Kuo
Environmental Studies M.S. 278-5775 Dr. Peter Fashing
Geography M.A. 278-3161 Dr. Jonathan Taylor
Geology M.S. 278-2158 Dr. Matthew Kirby
Gerontology M.S. 278-7057 Dr. Karen Wong
History M.A. 278-3905 Dr. Volker Janssen
Information Systems M.S. 278-3173

Dr. Daniel Soper

Diane Mazzey

Information Technology (Online) M.S. 278-3173 Dr. Pramod Pandya contact: Diane Mazzey
Instructional Design and Technology (Online) M.S. 278-2842 Dr. Cynthia Gautreau
Kinesiology M.S. 278-3316 Dr. Traci Statler
contact: Mary Aboud
Library & Information Science - San Jose State M.S.    
Linguistics M.A. 278-3163 Dr. Franz Mueller
 Applied Math M.A. 278-4399 Dr. Charles Lee
contact: Monica Ernandes
 Teaching Math M.A. 278-4399 Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz
Monica Ernandes
• Statistics (Online or In-Person) M.S. 278-4399 Dr.Mori Jamshidian
contact: Monica Ernandes
Mechanical Engineering M.S. 278-3014 Dr. Chean Chin Ngo
Music M.A., M.M 278-3511 Dr. John Koegel
M.S., D.N.P. 278-3336 Dr. Penny Weismuller
contact: Jennifer Crum (M.S), Sarah Douville(D.N.P)
Physics M.S. 278-3366 Dr. Ionel Tifrea
Political Science M.A. 278-5064 Dr. Justin Tucker
Psychology (MA) M.A. 278-3514 Dr. Melinda Blackman (MA)
contact: Kay Karlson
Psychology (MS, Clinical) M.S. 278-3514 Dr. Jack Mearns
contact: Kay Karlson
Public Administration M.P.A.
Prof. Justin Tucker
Dr. Sarah Hill
admissions: Dr. Paul Peretz
Public Health M.P.H. 278-3316 Dr. Jasmeet Gill
contact: Mary Aboud
Science (Teaching) M.A.T. 278-5304 Dr. Monica Azimioara
Screenwriting M.F.A. 278-7883 Dr. Jule Selbo
Social Work M.S.W. 278-8452 Prof. Christine Ford
Sociology M.A. 278-5420 Dr. Dana Collins
Software Engineering (Online) M.S. 278-3700 Dr. James Choi
Spanish M.A. 278-2208 Dr. James Hussar
Statistics (Online or In-Person)
M.S. 278-4399 Dr. Mori Jamshidian
contact: Monica Ernandes
Taxation M.S. 278-3173 Betty Chavis
contact: Diane Mazzey
Theatre Arts with concentrations in: Acting, Design, Directing, Technical Production M.F.A. 278-4782 Dr. David Nevell
contact: Debbie Dombrow