How Your Gift Is Used

When you designate a gift, you choose how your money will be spent.

In general, most donors designate their gifts to a specific college, program, project, campaign, etc. A gift is restricted if you indicate a specific purpose for the gift, such as for a scholarship.

Only a small percentage of gifts are unrestricted donations that the Foundation can use where funds are needed most. These unrestricted gifts are extremely important to the current and long-term success of the university. Over the last three years, $750,560 in unrestricted gifts has been allocated to the university’s eight colleges, the Pollak Library, Titan Athletics and Student Affairs.

After the Foundation receives your gift, it is deposited into the appropriate account. Endowed gifts are invested before disbursement, so that income from the investments is used for your wishes. The principal is never spent and provides a continual source of financial support for the university.

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