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Student Consumer Information
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The office of Financial Aid is committed to providing clear, timely and accurate information to all continuing and prospective students. To ensure both the achievement of this goal and compliance with federal regulations, CSUF makes the following information available to students as indicated in each subsection below.

A paper copy of this information can be obtained by visiting the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, LH 805.

I. Financial Aid Information

  1. Available Need and Non-Need Based Aid
    Information concerning available need and non-need based aid from federal, state and institutional sources is available from the following sources:

  2. How to Apply

  3. Determination of Eligibility

  4. Net Price Calculator

  5. Award Determination

  6. Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Aid

  7. Disbursement of Financial Aid

  8. Satisfactory Academic Progress
    Students are notified of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements in the following sources:

    • Financial Aid Web Site
    • CSU Fullerton Course Catalog
    • Informational sheet available in the Financial Aid Office

  9. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

  10. Availability of SFA Funds for Study Abroad Programs

II. General Information about the School

  1. Accreditation

  2. Licensing Passage Rates - Passage Rates for California State Licensing Examination The passage of California Assembly Bill 2086 requires that California postsecondary institutions provide access to information related to the passage rates on California state licensing examinations from graduates of undergraduate programs leading to employment for which passage of a California licensing examination is required for employment. The information must be accessible to all students. To comply with Assembly Bill 2086, the following links provide access to the information related to state licensing passage rates for undergraduate programs at Cal State Fullerton.

    Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    National Licensing Exam

    Teacher Credential Programs

  3. Summary of Title 5

  4. CSUF Policies

  5. Alcohol and Drugs

  6. Vaccination Policies

  7. Disabled Student Services
    Information concerning services for students with disabilities is included in the following sources:

    • CSU Fullerton Course Catalog
    • Office of Disabled Student Services Web Site

  8. Retention Rate
    (First-time Full-time Graduation and Persistence through Fall 2010 Semester at bottom of page)
    College Portrait
    Retention and Graduation Rates

  9. Job Placement
    Survey of Graduates

  10. Degree Programs Offered

  11. Cost of Attendance
    Information concerning Cost of Attendance is included in the following sources:

    • Student Financial Services: university fees and estimated costs of attendance
    • CSU Fullerton Registration Guide published each term
    • Financial Aid Web Site

  12. Refunds
    Students are notified of refund and repayment requirements through the following sources:

III. Campus Safety

  1. Campus Crime Report

  2. Timely Warning

IV. Student Completion and Transfer-Out Rates

Information concerning student completion and transfer-out rates is available from the following source:

  • As indicated in the CSU Fullerton Course Catalog, students may obtain information about a specific academic program's completion rates from the Office of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies in McCarthy Hall 136.

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