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What is Financial Aid?

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How Can I Verify the School Received My FAFSA?

Watch for an e-mail from the Office of Financial Aid acknowledging receipt of your FAFSA. From the e-mail, you’ll be directed to TITAN Online where you can obtain specific information about your financial aid status.

Use your campus-assigned e-mail account for all campus communications. Check your e-mail and TITAN Online frequently—at least once a week—to monitor your status and stay informed about your awards.

Will I Need To Fill Out Anything Else?

You may need to submit additional information or documentation so that we may verify your eligibility for financial aid. If we need anything from you, we will send you an e-mail to advise you of any documents required for your file. To obtain the forms needed, you will log into TITAN Online with your campus ID and PIN and download the forms. Respond quickly to any request for information or documents. We will not be able to award you financial aid until you satisfy all requests for documentation.

Do not send us tax returns or other documents unless they are requested. Unsolicited documents create a processing backlog and result in delays for you.

Enter your campus-wide ID (CWID) on the top of every document you submit and be sure all documents are complete and signed according to the instructions provided on each form. Incomplete and unsigned documents will be returned to you and your awarding will be delayed.

If you have any difficulty obtaining your required forms from TITAN Online, visit our office and we’ll be happy to print them for you.

When Will I Receive My Award Notification?

We will begin sending award notifications in April for the following academic year (2010-2011). You must be officially admitted to Cal State Fullerton before we will award you. If tax returns or other documents were required, you should receive your award notification within six weeks from the time you complete your file. We will send you an e-mail directing you to TITAN Online to view your awards.

If you are awarded enough financial aid to cover your registration fees in full at the time you register for classes, you will not be required to make a payment out of pocket. Your registration fees will be deducted from your financial aid disbursement and any remaining balance sent to you by check or direct deposit. See How Payments are Made.

What if I haven't been awarded financial aid when it comes time to register for my classes?

Once you submit all requested documents to complete your financial aid file, we will arrange for your registration fee payment to be postponed based on “estimated financial aid eligibility.” Complete your file at least two weeks before your registration date to ensure your payment may be postponed.

You are responsible for monitoring your financial aid status and complying with all requests for documentation. If you do not complete your file or for any other reason do not receive financial aid, you are responsible for paying your registration fees.

What If I Don't Qualify For Need-Based Aid?

We recommend that you apply each year for the programs that are based on financial need. If you are not eligible for need-based aid, then we encourage you to explore the following programs:

  • Scholarships
  • Student Assistant Employment
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • PLUS Loan
  • Private Loan Sources
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