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Disability Support Services Student Handbook
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Click Here for a PDF Version of the Handbook

1) Welcome to Cal State Fullerton

- Mission Statement
- Letter from Director of Disability Support Services
- Letter from President Gordon
- Letter from the Vice Presidents for Academic and Student Affairs

2) Laws Relevant to Higher Education

- Differences Between Secondary Education & Post Secondary Higher Education/College
- Definition of an Individual with a Disability
- Disability Groups and the Means of Verification

3) Prospective Students to Higher Education

- College/University Selection
- Differences Between Vocational/Technical Schools, Community Colleges, and Bachelor Degree Colleges/Universities
- Differences Between High School and College
- What to Expect from Post-Secondary Institutions
- What Students can do to Prepare for Post-Secondary Education
- What Parents Can to to Help Students with Disabilities

4) New and Prospective Students to CSUF

- For New and Prospective Students
- Housing and Residential Life
- Student Health and Counseling Center
- Office of Financial Aid
- Career Planning and Placement Center
- Disability Support Services

5) Policies, Guidelines, and Responsibilities

- General Guidelines
- With Regard to...
- What to do When...
- What if..
- Using Support Services
- Who is Responsible for...
- Student File
- Service Animals
- Disabled Person Parking
- Support Services
- Disability Support Services Advisory Committee
- Department of Rehabilitation
- Required Timelines of Compliance
- Grievance And Appeals Process

6) Being A Successful Student

- Skills for Success
- Sample Academic Accommodations Dialogue of a Student with an Instructor

7) Comprehensive Study Guide

- 13 steps to Better Study Skills
- Active Reading
- Memory and Recall
- 10 Suggestions for Good Note-Taking
- Note-Taking Hints
- Taking Examinations
    - Objective Tests
    - Essay Tests
    - General Test Advice

- SQ4R Worksheet

8) Appendices

- Application for Services
- Disability Verification Form
- Student Support Services Form
- Accessible Format Request Form
- DSS Staff

Click Here for a PDF Version of the Handbook

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