California State University, Fullerton

"Students learn by becoming involved" —Astin

Tuffy’s Get Involved Tips

Tuffy provides 5 steps to Plan, Participate, Record, Reflect, and Apply your involvement experiences at CSUF.

Get Involved Street Team

Get Involved Street Team
CSUF has many Get Involved Street Team who are highly involved on campus. Find out how getting involved added to their college experience and future opportunities.

Why Get Involved?

CSUF is a place where “learning is preeminent.” We truly believe that everything you do, both in and out of the classroom, plays a big role in enhancing your learning.

Whether you join a club or organization, conduct research, participate in an internship, get a job, become a student leader, or take part in the many other activities available both on campus and in the community, you are developing key skills that will make you a more attractive candidate for all your future endeavors.

Getting involved is the secret to your success at CSUF. Research shows that students who get involved are more likely to…stay in school and graduate, receive better grades, make connections with other students, faculty and staff, are more satisfied with their overall college experience, and increase their career marketability. With results like these...why wouldn’t you want to get involved?

Titan Student Involvement Center
The Titan Student Involvement Center, available through the student portal, is a one stop center that provides up-to-date information on academic and student life at CSUF. Here is a preview of what the center offers:
  • Want to learn about what’s happening at CSUF? View the Campus Spotlight, the Titan Pride calendar or announcement features.
  • Want to learn about the many involvement opportunities available at CSUF? Explore the Get Involved resources that will help you get connected on-campus.
  • Want a record of your involvement history at CSUF? Use the Titan Pride Record and Titan Pride e-Portfolio tools to create a record of your involvement at CSUF.
  • Want to track your campus references? Use the My Campus References feature to track faculty, staff and other university personnel who can serve as your references.
  • Want to increase your knowledge about CSUF history and school spirit? Visit the center’s CSUF Spirit Corner to meet fellow Titan’s leaving their footprint at CSUF, or to download Tuffy Clipart or CSUF PowerPoint templates.
  • Need extra help figuring out what to get involved in? Complete the Get Involved! Get Connected! Get Started! Interest Form to get matched to activities that best fit your interests.

The Titan Student Involvement Center is best viewed with the following browsers:
    Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox 6.