California State University, Fullerton

Welcome to Campus-Wide ID (CWID)

Welcome to the CWID web site. This site has been posted to provide members of the Cal State Fullerton community with information about the Campus-Wide ID project.

At the end of December 2004, the university launched Phase 1 of a multi-stage implementation of new practices for the collection, maintenance and dissemination of Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in order to protect the privacy and legal rights of its students, faculty, staff and alumni. SSNs are highly confidential and legally protected data. As an alternative to the SSN, the university has created a unique ID number for each member of the campus community.

Over the 2004-2005 holiday break, the campus converted all major systems into a Campus-Wide ID environment. This means that Social Security Numbers (SSNs) no longer appear on most screens; they are replaced with a nine digit campus-wide ID (CWID). Only those persons authorized to access SSN have permission to those screens where SSN is available.

Impact on Faculty/Staff

Users now use the CWID to search for student records and alumni records.

Impact on Students

All new students are assigned a CWID and PIN which is used to log on to the Student Portal for the first time. After logging on, the new student is directed to the TITAN Portal Profile Update page to select a personalized username and password. Once this is done, the personalized username and password is used in place of the CWID and PIN for logging on to the Student Portal. The CWID is also used by the student when doing business with the campus.

Impact on Alumni

Alumni may continue to use their SSN to request transcripts, join the Alumni Association, etc., but the CWID is preferred in both instances. In some cases, Alumni may still be asked for their SSN for research purposes (to find the older records on microfiche, for example). Alumni can get their CWIDs by typing their SSN and last name into the CWID Lookup page(use the name you used while a student at CSUF).

Most alumni should have CWIDs. If a CWID is not found when you use the CWID Lookup page, please fill out the Alumni Information Form. Your information will be encrypted and sent to Alumni Records for research; you will be contacted within 10 business days.