California State University, Fullerton

Web Standards

Web Content Management System

A web content management system allows authorized users within organizations to edit their own webpages with ease.

Unlike desktop software suites like Dreamweaver, a WCMS is centrally run and provided. There is no hardware or software setup or maintenance. A WCMS runs entirely within the web browser and provides an intuitive interface for finding, editing and publishing webpages.

The official WCMS adopted by Cal State Fullerton is OU Campus. OU Campus greatly improves the way websites are created, updated and maintained. Once fully implemented, it will no longer be necessary for campus members to contact their respective web administrators for updates. OU Campus allows anyone with departmental approval to update their webpages by themselves at anytime.

For more information and consultation on OU Campus, contact:
Mike Blyleven
Information Technology
ext. 3288

Web Templates

There are currently eight OU Campus web templates available for authorized campus users. More template options may be created in the future. These templates have been thoroughly tested to meet both federal Section 508 and WC3 requirements.

Examples of OU Campus templates