Students doing research in the desert

The CSUF BURST program, funded by the Office of the Provost, has three overarching goals:

  1. to increase the number of students involved in the high-impact practice of faculty-mentored research,
  2. to provide opportunities for students to explore and develop their research interests 
  3. to build a community of student researchers

The program aims to accomplish this through three types of activities:

Student conducting research in the field

1)     BURST COMMUNICATIONS:  The BURST Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/BURSTCSUF ) provides students with current information on upcoming events and research and job opportunities, and highlights a different CSUF undergraduate research student each week.

2)     BURST EVENTS provide tools to help students get to know potential faculty mentors, get involved in faculty-mentored research, and learn the culture of communicating biology research.

3)     The BURST scholar program supports advanced CSUF Biological Science majors as they conduct independent research with a faculty mentor, culminating with at least one significant oral or written presentation.