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A petition is a request for an exception to a standard policy. There are a number of different petition types, each of which has its own specific requirements for submission. These requirements are explained in the instructions that accompany each petition form, found via the links below. In general, petitions:

  • require a $20 filing fee when submitting the petition (some petition types, if approved, may require an additional administrative fee to be paid by the student before the record can be adjusted)
  • have no guarantee of approval - in all cases, each petition is reviewed by an appropriate campus authority and can either be granted or denied
  • can take up to 6 months for the review process to be completed (every effort is made to expedite petitions submitted by current candidates for graduation)
  • result in written notification to the student of the petition decision

Petitions are basically divided into two groups:

Retroactive Petitions
Other petition types

Retroactive Petitions

Retroactive petitions include: Retroactive Withdrawal, Retroactive Add, Retroactive Change of Grade Option, Retroactive Change in Unit Value. All have time limits for submission:

  • For students not yet graduated from CSUF, petitions should be submitted within 30 days of the semester immediately following the semester being petitioned.
  • If not within the 30-day time period stated above, a student who has not yet graduated from CSUF has a maximum limit of up to 5 years from the semester being petitioned.
  • For students who have already graduated from CSUF, a student has one year from the date of graduation to submit a petition.

Download forms and instructions

Other Petitions

Other petitions include: General Education Variation, Postgraduate Credit and Reactivate a Grad Check.   Relevant time limits are explained with the petition instructions.

Download forms and instructions

The petition to Reactivate a Grad Check is not available online. Please contact the CSUF Graduation Unit in LH-114 for information on this petition.

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