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The essence of the Understanding Personal Worth And Racial Dignity (UPWARD) component is to heighten cross-cultural awareness and understanding leading to trusting relationships. Informal training and directed social integration instruments target socio-political considerations of mistrust in our diverse multicultural environment. This contemporary model employs complex interactions that synthesize a student's perception of the college experience into an interactive model where the university and its members have a measurable effect on student success. Success is manifested through cross-cultural productive relationships.

A five-year longitudinal assessment of the SDP's UPWARD component revealed outcomes effecting a more than 90% retention rate among the diverse 'at-risk' student participants. A recent five-year evaluation of the Student Diversity Program cohort analysis showed 90% of students improved their GPA's. These successes directly correlate as follows:

bullet Students becoming autonomous and independent.
bullet Students developing self-respect and respect for others.
bullet Students increasing cross-cultural relationships, promoting their "Buddy-system."
bullet Students' altering realization of self-empowering affects through political activism.
bullet Students' demonstrating proactive behavior in educational processes.
bullet Students' developing a sense of belonging, even in CSUF's commuter school environment.

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