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Freshman Application Process

CSU, Fullerton admits students to EOP whose families have economic challenges and who need admissions and/or counseling services to succeed in college.  EOP provides access to higher education for those students who demonstrate potential and who, without EOP support, may be unable to earn a college degree.  EOP at CSU, Fullerton is dedicated to the retention and graduation of EOP students and, therefore, seeks to aid their educational development by offering pre-admission counseling, admission assistance, referrals for tutorial and learning assistance, career guidance, financial aid advisement, and other student services.

An EOP student at CSU, Fullerton is eligible for consideration by the Office of Financial Aid for an EOP grant award of approximately $800 per academic year.  An EOP grant recipient must have submitted a complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a qualifying financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.  EOP does not guarantee that all EOP students will receive a grant.  The Office of Financial Aid disburses grant funds.

Who is Eligible

Applicants should be lawful California residents and meet the income criteria guidelines stated in the EOP application booklet (allowances are made for various family situations).  If an interested individual thinks that he/she might qualify as low income but does not meet the criteria as indicated, it is recommended that application be made to EOP and program staff will determine income level.  If it is determined a student is ineligible due to income level, appeals to the income criteria will be considered. An appeal must be in written form explaining why the student believes an exception should be made.  First-time freshman applicants must meet the following academic requirements to be eligible for admission to CSU, Fullerton through EOP.

  • Be a high school graduate and have earned a grade point average and test score combination with an eligibility index of at least 2800 (2900 is required for regular admission).
  • Have completed the college preparatory subject requirements with a grade of “C” or better.  Each applicant is evaluated individually and an overall pattern of achievement must be evident.  A college prep program of study should include at least 3 years of high school English and 2 years of high school mathematics, with a “C” grade or better.  All 8th semester college-prep courses must be passed with a “C” grade or better.

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for EOP must follow the steps below.

  • An applicant must indicate an interest in EOP by answering “Y” to the interest in EOP question on the university application found at    
  • Upon submission of an electronic application to Cal State Fullerton, a link to the online EOP application will appear on the confirmation page.  If link is not present, the EOP application may be found at
  • The application, autobiographical questions, and nomination forms must be completed and submitted to be considered.   
  • We strongly recommend first-time freshman students to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Math (ELM) by the March test date.  For more information visit the testing website at

The EOP selection committee will consider factors such as disadvantaged background, financial necessity, academic performance, motivation and potential for success in college.  The committee also looks for contributions made to the community, work experience, or the career you wish to pursue.  Complete all forms accurately to assist the committee in understanding your academic preparation and motivation. 

When to Apply

The university and EOP applications should be completed and submitted to CSU, Fullerton as early as the month of October of the year preceding attendance.  An applicant to EOP at CSU, Fullerton must complete and submit the required EOP forms as soon as possible to qualify for priority consideration since space is limited.  Your application will be evaluated following your admission or denial to the university.  EOP will continue to admit to the program as long as space is available. 



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