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Laura Neal
Laura Neal -

Within each of the career categories listed above, there is a whole world of work options that are as diverse and individual as you are! This page is a work in progress that will grow and expand over time as we continue to build the network of resources you need to navigate these worlds.


It's your life, what do you want to do with it? If you want to explore your interests, get to know your talents, and see if a career in the arts, entertainment or communications industries is what you want. Go back to the student page section of the Career Center site to explore tools for getting to know yourself. You might also try letting "Choices" help you; click on it from the "Career Resources" link. Another option: come into the center and load up "What Color is Your Parachute?" from CD or get a testing referral.

Focusing your career direction

What do I want to do with my degree? What are my options? Explore the areas you're interested in by checking out websites with information and job listings, organizations, news, graduate programs, summer seminars & programs. Check links listed below or click on "eChoices" from the career center home page, in the left column.
" That Career Stuff. Straight up info on how to get a resume together, write cover letters, interviewing strategies, dos and don'ts, job search tips and job listings. These are things that are useful to you, even in these fields where your career is based on your portfolio or an audition! This is information that is useful in the real world because job search skills are life skills! Don't pass it by because you think it only applies to business and engineering majors!

Give Back Time

Share websites you have found that I can add to the lists below…tell me about your successes…your challenges…your feedback.