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Student Portal Login Help

On this page you will find details on logging into your student portal. 


Student Portal First Time Login

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Before you begin locate your assigned campus-wide ID (CWID) and PIN in your acknowledgement email from the Admissions Office. This email is sent shortly after we receive your application. You need the information on this email to log into the Student Portal. Allow two days from the date on your email acknowledgement before trying to log into your portal.

Personal Identification Info on Acknowledgement Letter

  • Step 2 - Under the First time here? click on Create my campus account then proceed to type your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) and your PIN. Click Submit.

First time here?

Portal Logon

  • Step 2a - You will be asked to verify your identity.
    Verify your identity photo
  • Step 3 - Complete the profile update. You will be asked to choose a personalized campus username and password. Create ones you will remember as you will use your personalized campus username and password the next time you log in to the Student Portal.  Always retain your CWID for campus identification. You will also be asked to select hint questions and you will be given the option to update your cell phone number. When you finish entering the required information, click Submit.
Portal Profile Update 
  • Step 4 - You should now be brought to the Student Portal. For future logins use your custom username and password.  The PIN can no longer be used at this point.
    Student Portal 


Student Portal Subsequent Logins

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If you have already created your custom username and password as outlined in the steps above then you are ready to login at

Recovering Lost Username/Password
If you do not remember your username and/or password then you can utilize the "Forgot your password" function.

  • Step 1 - Go to the Student Portal.
  • Step 2 - Under the Forgot your password text click Student Portal.
    Forgot your password image 
  • Step 3 - Follow the steps outlined on the Forgot Password Recover page.
    Forgot Password Recovery Page image 
  • Step 4 - If you still cannot recover your custom username and/or password contact the IT Helpdesk at 657-278-8888 for further assistance. Have your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) available.


Viewing Application Status

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  • Step 1 - Login to the Student Portal at
    Student Portal image 
  • Step 2 - Click on Titan Online.Titan Online image Titan Online image 
  • Step 3 - Click on Student Center. Note: If you have pop-up blockers on, you may not be able to access the Student Center. Turn off pop-up blockers, then try again.
    Student Center image 
  • Step 4 - Your Student Center appears. Click on the Application Status link at the bottom left-hand side of the page to view your information.
    Application Status image 
  • Step 5 - You will see an Application Status page.  Click on the View Detailed Information for This Application link above the Accept/Decline button to see where in the process your application is or what tests are required. Or click on the View All To Do Items and continue to click on each item to find what it is and when it is due. If you have applied more than once, refer to the Application Number to verify the documents required or the current status of the application.